How eCommerce Webstores Work?


The hybrid word eCommerce means Electronic Commerce, or doing business on the Internet. If you have ever purchased anything online you have engaged in eCommerce.

When it comes to website shopping you need two primary elements, a website or webstore and a shopping cart. The shopping cart is the actual component that facilitates the transaction of the shopping experience. Although there are many steps along the way to complete the full circle of a transaction, this is the basic principle.

There are many different shopping cart packages out there from virtual carts like; Google Checkout, and PayPal, to integrated shopping cart solutions like WooCommerce. Prices are all over the board too.

Our eCommerce solution can turn any website into a webstore. Also, our rates will not run you ten’s of thousands of dollars. The cost is primarily based around the number of products you will be offering.

We can get you setup with a Merchant Account that specializes in online shopping carts. No application fees.

eCommerce Explaination

Here is an chart that might help to clarify exactly how eCommerce really works.

How eCommerce is Done.


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