The 5 Steps to Successful Organic Search Engine Optimization and Placement.

Step 1 – Professional Keyword Analysis & Selection
The most important part of any successful search engine optimization campaign is choosing the most relative “keyword phrases” for your business. To be a top contender you must make keyword choices wisely. A typical rule of thumb is to dedicate at least one page of your site towards each keyword phrase you are optimizing for. Thus a 12 page website would ideally be limited to about 12 to 15 keyword phrases. Trying to optimize to 30 or 40 phrases will produce mediocre to poor results for most all your chosen keywords.

iMedia Group begins with an interview and questionnaire to learn which keyword phrases you believe your customers would use to find you in the search engines.

Our techs then research the number of times those keyword phases are actually searched for and the level of competition associated with each phrase.

Using popular search engine data obtained from independent reporting services, we seek out the most relevant and popular keyword phrases that searchers are actually using.

We then prepare a comprehensive “Keyword Analysis” report showing you the most popular keyword phrases, the number of monthly searches conducted, and the number of competing websites for those terms. Typical keyword reports provide you with detailed data on the most relevant 50 to 100 keyword phases.

Prior to launch, we provide you with a current search engine “Ranking Report” for your chosen keyword phrases. This report provides a detailed understanding of where your site currently ranks in the major search engines for each of your chosen search phrases. Get a Quote

Step 2 – Onsite Search Engine Optimization
Today, 50% of search engine ranking success is due to Onsite Optimization and 50% of search engine ranking success is due to Offsite Optimization. iMedia Group’s team will conduct a thorough Onsite Optimization of the targeted primary pages of your website.

A partial list of services includes:

  • Optimization of the site’s existing content targeted to the chosen keyword phrases.
  • Expansion of the site’s content to support the chosen keyword phrases ( may incur additional charges)
  • Creation and optimization of the page meta tags.
  • Implementation of optimized filenames, image names & directory names.
  • Restructuring of poorly written HTML source code.
  • Controlling content headings through optimized CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
  • Optimizing inter-linking within the web pages of the site.
  • Creation of optimized text-based navigation of the site.
  • Installation of an Onsite Blog (included with most plans).
  • Addition of Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter links.
  • Creation and implementation of customized 404 Error Page.
  • Addition of robots.txt file for excluded content.
  • Creation of a search engine friendly site map. Obtain an optimized domain name for your website to use for registration purposes only. (Optional).

Beware of SEO practices that could get you banned from today’s popular search sites like Google. iMedia Group uses only proven and ethical means to optimize your website for submission to the major search engines based on the rules set forth by the search engines themselves.

What We DON’T DO:

SPAM the search engines with doorway or entry pages. Most search engines are detecting and banning sites that use this practice.

Cloak you website. Some SEO companies will make multiple copies of your website and register each one in the hopes of gaining higher positions. This is regarding as another form of spamming.

Keyword stuffing or any other form of hiding keywords that may be discouraged by the search engines such has having text colors match background colors of the page so users can not see them but search engines can. Most search engines will detect and disallow entry for use of this practice.

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Step 3 – Professional Offsite Search Optimization
As mentioned earlier, 50% of search engine ranking success is due to Offsite Optimization. Offsite optimization consists of 4 main areas:

Social Media – In 2010, having a presence in social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter has a considerable degree of importance to a site’s overall ranking performance. iMedia Group establishes accounts with these popular services for our clients and establishes on ongoing social media campaign.

Article & Press Release Submission – At iMedia Group, we strive to get our clients to think about their company’s entire web presence and not just their website. Through a strategic effort to syndicate information about your business on 3rd party websites we are able to achieve significant ranking progress for our clients.

Domain Maturity – Domain maturity consists of three primary items: a) the age of your domain, b) the length of time that you have prepaid your domain registration, and c) if there are keywords included within the name. iMedia Group makes recommendations to either locate effective domains or to improve their existing domain name for improved search engine ranking. Get a Quote

Step 4 – The Marketing Message
Once your search engine optimization is complete and you have solved the traffic problem to your website, you are going to encounter a totally new problem known as a “Conversion”. Your site’s “Conversion Ratio” compares the number of visitors who visit your website to the number of visitors who take favorable action. If you are a service company, a conversion to you may be for visitors to “telephone you”, or “fill out an online request form”. If you sell products online, a conversion would be for visitors to make a purchase”.

Whatever a conversion means to you, you will want to increase the number of visitors who take the favorable action. To give a number, most marketers will tell you to expect a conversion ratio of 3% to 4%. Properly done however, a good marketing message can produce results of 5% and greater. The 3 elements of a successful marketing message give you the building blocks for creating your site’s marketing message and improving your results.

The Elements of a successful Marketing Message are:

A “Clear Message”

A “Good Offer”

An effective “Call to Action”

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Step 5 – Professional Search Marketing Maintenance
It’s critical for businesses to implement a consistent online marketing strategy if your website is going to sustain optimal ranking in the popular search engines. Unmanaged, your search engine placement will to erode for most of your keywords over time. There are two primary reasons for this:

1.Search Algorithm Changes – What worked yesterday may not necessarily work today. To better manage their ever growing databases, search companies like Google and Yahoo modify their policies, procedures and search algorithms a few times each year. If your website is not adjusted to meet these new rules, you typically begin to see a drop in your ranking.

2.Competition – Your competitors are smart people too, they’re also trying to figure out how to get their site to the top of the major search engines. Since only 10 websites can be in the Top 10, most businesses will not be on the first page. It’s essential to study your competition online and do a better job of SEO than they are doing; Store Ventures Online handles this for our SEO clients. Store Ventures Online’s Team is waiting to develop a search engine optimization and search marketing strategy that makes you a “Top Contender”. Get a Quote

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