Frequently Asked Questions


What is a QR Code?
 In short, a QR code is a cell phone bar code that is a short cut to anything. A QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode that can direct you to a URL. With our Favorite Places stickers and our new QR code generator (found on the Google Places dashboard), you can have customers – and potential customers – instantly learn more about you business, by visiting a mobile version of your Place Page on any supported phone. To be able to scan the QR codes, you may need to download a special application for your phone, such as Barcode Scanner or QuickMark.

What is Local Geo Marketing?
Local Geo Marketing is local search directory business listing service. With our Local Geo program, we are able to push your business to the top of your category within your industry and be found in search portals and directories on a localized bases. 50% of all searches now are conducted through voice search via smart phone and mobile devices. It is critical to be in the game when it comes to local search results.

This is not search engine optimization and has nothing to do with your website. Unlike a website, local business listings are more like yellow pages where they promote your business not your website. We have fused the mobile market with the local marketing to deliver your message to a larger audience. Fact: The mobile market is 3x larger than that of the Internet.

What is SMS?
 SMS is simply text messaging. SMS stands for Short Message Service. By law, you always have the option to opt out of any SMS plan. SMS rules are more strict than email spam, in that it can direct impact the end user financially.

Why do I need a local listing?
 If you are not listed in the local marketing business listings online, you are missing out on a large part of business. 85% of all people use online search engines or some sort of directory when searching for a product or service. Even if you are a well established business, local listing are a must. Potential customers that don’t about your business or not in your following will have a harder time finding you if not listed in these directories.

What is Google Places (Google+)?
 Google Places, allows owners or their agents to edit the content of their existing listing, or to add a brand new listing to Google’s local database. By ensuring that basic information is up-to-date and providing additional details, like photos, hours, and coupons, business owners can stand out on the map to attract more customers.

What is a Place Page?
 Place Pages help users find the best sources for information across the entire web, including business listing details, reviews, photos, nearby public transit, and more. We have Place Pages for a very broad range of “places” – whether a business, a park, a point of interest, a transit stop, or even an entire city.

Do I need all three listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing?
 Yes, different groups of people are followers of certain search engines or directories. Creatures of habit and or loyalties. We feed to several different popular as well as 2nd and 3rd tiered directories to ensure we hit all the sources that matter.

Can I claim my own pages?
 Yes, you can claim your own pages. However, to maximize the benefit of these listings, we highly suggest to hire a professional service to perform these services on your behalf. There are actually certain specific steps to need be taken in order to maximize your listing and quickly get it to the top of your category. Also, there are monthly promotional steps that need to be taken to get your listing up and keep it there. Remember, you are not the only business fighting to get that position.

Do I need the monthly service plan?
Maybe. That all depends on the traction of your marketing program’s performance. Again, claiming your online business listings is only a small part of this new listing war. You need to have a qualified listing service to monitor, tweak and promote your listings constantly for the best results. Promoting and protecting your best interest is our business.

How do I get reviews posted?
 The best review you can get is the one directly entered from a customer. As a service we also process reviews on your behalf. Utilizing the top search and review sites and directories are highly suggested.

What is a Tag?
 A QR Code has been considered a Tag. Google has a tag program where it will turn your Red balloon Blue. Which since only 4% have actually claimed their listing pages, you can really stand out in the crowd of red balloons in the search results.

What is a Gateway?
A gateway acts as the facilitator of all eCommerce transactions. The gateway passes the credit card information request to the credit card merchant processor company to be processed.

What is an SSL Certificate and why do I need one?
All eCommerce transactions and data must be encrypted for privacy and security purposes. It is Federal Law that all personal information be kept secure when processing an online transaction such as a purchase or passing sensitive information like credit card numbers or social security information, etc.


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